The carpet is exposed to extreme stress! The carpet pile is strained by the overflow and the dust suction with brush attachments! Furthermore, the carpet must also withstand the humidity conditions! The burdens of carpets in the office as well as in the hotel and also in the private sector are subject to very high burdens. It is important that a carpet is well maintained and always looks good! The carpet fiber must therefore be equipped with a particularly good protective equipment, whereby the washability and the durability of the equipment is of utmost importance! Furthermore, carpets superhydrophob must be protected against stains of any kind!

Functional coating

Carpet are very hard wearing due to the superhydrophobic nano particles which attach themselves with the textile fiber! The carpet retains its natural look. Furthermore, the working textiles are superhydrophobic and stain resistant as well as highly dirt repellent! By cleaning with cleaning agents, the textile coating can not be removed from the carpet fibers!