In the fashion mode it is always a trend to use bright colors. There are many good competitors in the fashion market. Therefore, the fashion manufacturers have to get rid of the competition by getting better quality and functional coatings from their competitors! Furthermore, the textiles must become much more robust and resistant!

Consumers demand ever higher quality fashion The trend goes to eco-fashion labels and high-quality model baubles the responsibility in the environment and the customer area attach the highest value! Toxically free dyes and coatings play an important role here! Furthermore, the textiles of the fabric quality and the clean ability have to be improved as the trend back to modern functional mode and quality products continues! The scandals of toxic ingredients from before are frowned upon! Furthermore, an EU law and a USA law are passed where it is forbidden to deliver textiles containing fluorocarbon substances to this market!

Dirt and stain resistant coating

Fashion and fashion textiles are highly washable and stain resistant as well as
very sturdy due to the superhydrophobic textile fiber! The sport textile is
given its natural wearing comfort. The fashion and fashion textiles are
superhydrophobic and stain resistant as well as highly dirt repellent! By
washing, the textile coating can not be removed from the textile!
  • Superhydrophobic
  • Spot-repelling
  • Highly dirt-repellent
  • High moisture management
  • Loading grip
  • Consistent color fastness
  • High water vapor permeability
  • High respiratory activity
  • Optically imperceptible
  • Low consumption
  • Very long operating times
  • High open porosity
  • Very high washability
  • No toxic ingredients
  • Fluorocarbon-free
  • Anti-fouling effect
  • Prevents heat build-up
  • Comfortable wearing comfort
  • No harmful to humans
  • Transparent
  • Very highly water repellent
  • Cleaner and detergent

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