Outdoor clothing

Especially in the outdoor area, in the case of particularly welding applications, the outdoctor clothing should be able to guide and transport moisture away from the skin. High breathing activity and moisture management are very important for the mountaineer as well as the hiker and the professional!

Weather resistance & temperature compensation

In the case of outdoor clothing, temperature management and rain rejection are very important. At the same time, is high breathing activity and water vapor permeability and high moisture management? Textile materials that are waterproof and still allow sweat to escape outside! Furthermore, out doctoral attitudes should be dirt-repellent and high and fast-growing without losing the functions!

Functional clothing

The trend in the functional clothing is toxic free functional coatings with very high weather resistance and puncture ability. High breathability and high wash resistance with high dirt repellency and stain resistant function is also very important for functional clothing! Furthermore, the textiles must become much more robust and resistant!

Fabric Particles

Due to the superhydrophobic nano particles which are firmly attached to the
textile fiber, sports textiles are very hard-wearing! The sport textile is given its natural wearing comfort. Furthermore, the textiles are superhydrophobic and stain resistant as well as highly dirt repellent! The liquid and spray able textile membrane for the sportswear industry! By washing the textile coating can not be removed from the textile!
  • High open porosity 
  • Very high washability
  • No toxic ingredients
  • Fluorocarbon-free
  •  Anti-fouling effect
  •  Prevents heat build-up
  •  Comfortable wearing comfort
  • No harmful to humans
  • Transparent
  • Very highly water repellent
  • Cleaner and detergent


Outdoor Clothing!