Particularly during sports, in particular in the case of particularly welding applications, the sportswear should be able to conduct moisture away from the skin and transport it outwards. This breathing activity of sports textiles is extremely important for the sports field for the sportsman! Of course, you can also measure respiratory activity, in grams (g) water vapor per square meter (m²) surface over a period of 24 hours!

High Breathing

The trend in sports and leisurewear is to use toxic free functional coatings with very high resistance and puncture resistance as well as high breathing activity and high wash resistance with high dirt repellency and high stain repellent function! Furthermore, the textiles must become much more robust and resistant!


In the context of respiratory activity, the question now is simply what is happening with this perspiration. If it remains on the skin, it can become very unpleasant in sports: sweat favors the formation of a heat test between body and clothing, or it cools unpleasantly – and with it also the sportsman. In case of poor respiratory activity, the textiles stick to the skin.

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