Nano Protect Seal lets you protect almost any surface and provide self cleaning, easy to clean, non sticky and hydrophobic (water repellent) surface.

Nano Protect Seal provides protection from moss, algae, dirt, stains, it also makes the surface grease-repellent, oil-repellent and additional protection against scratches.

All of our products are manufactured in Germany, based on the researches being conducted by our exclusive partner Nano BionicLaboratories located in Germany since 1998. Nano Bionic is ranked as the No. 1 for the research and development of high quality Nano Particles. In 2006 Nano Bionic was awarded an Innovation Award, for remarkable innovations in the fields of Nano and auto glass coating or waterproofing.

We provide the highest quality products in market, when it comes to Nano-Sealing & Nano-Coating. We have become the No. 1 supplier in UK and we are thriving to provide more services to our customers to protect their important assets.

now Nano Protect Seal are becoming the No. 1 suppliers in the UK

After becoming a successful supplier of Nano products in Germany, now Nano Protect Seal are becoming the No. 1 suppliers in the UK too and we continue to thrive more to provide a vast range of highest quality Nano Products to our customers in UK.

Researches are still going on, in the field of Nanotechnology but we are working in the field of nanotechnology with our experienced partners Nano Bionic since 1998 and have been developing and manufacturing the highest quality Nano products. With the advancement in technologies we aim to include more Nano products in our wide range of Nano products.

Nano Protect Seal offer the lowest rates in UK without compromising the quality of our products. Bringing the highest quality Nano products for public of UK with affordable is our one of the highest priority. We are not just the another Nano product company who just sells Nano products, we provide the best services, that no other company currently offers in market. Our Nano products offers the life time service and comes with up to 15 years of guarantee without any extra charges. All of our products have no negative impact on the environment or health. Our Nano products are wax, silicon and fluorocarbon free.

Protecting your precious assets is becoming very important these days and it’s our responsibility to fulfill this need. Nano Protect Seal brings a wide range of Nano products, you will find the right Nano sealing, coating or impregnation for you. Our products provide the best quality and durability.

Nano Protect Seal provides the best quality Nano products in UK, no other company matches our standards in market. All of our products are manufactured in Germany. Our scientists conduct researches in the field of Nanotechnology and produce highest quality Nano-products like Nano-sealing, Nano-coatings and impregnations. Our Nano technology comes with non-sticky effect which is the most effective, efficient and durable method available till today.

Nano Protect Seal ensure that our products are of highest quality and life lasting. The durability and effect of our Nano coatings, sealants and impregnations are well known. We got the credit for being one of the first companies in the Nano Industry to introduce guarantee for the Nano products and we named it as “Hydrophobic Unlimited”. Our Nano products comes with the guarantee of up to 15 years.

All of Nano Protect Seal products go through series of extensive and intense tests, which guarantees the high standards and reliable operation of our Nano products. Our products; Nano sealants, coatings and impregnations specially go through all of the tests, which we could expect from our customers use these products for, and only those products become part of our wide range if they pass all of our quality assurance test because, we don’t compromise on the quality of our products.

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